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    My phone updated a couple weeks ago (it wasn't the big one where we got video; it was another, smaller one), and since then, it seems like the battery life has at least doubled. When I first got my Pre in April, I couldn't even get it to last 12 hours with normal usage before I would be in the red. After this little update dude, however, I can go all day with heavy usage and still have battery left until I go to bed.

    I've talked to the other 2 people I know with Pres and they have no idea what I'm talking about and still say that battery life sucks.

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    Hopefully you are talking about the update. My battery life is pretty bad and Verizon users are supposed to be getting the update at 9 today.
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    My battery life since seems better than before, but I don't know for sure. Although today I seem to be enjoying amazing life. My Sprint Pre has been off the charger for about 5 hours and I'm at 81%. I've kept messaging open and I've done some web browsing too. Usually with this usage my % is a bit less. So I guess I'm just having a good day.
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    Ha, I suppose that's the update I'm thinking of. I've just been having awesome battery life and couldn't figure out why.
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    My battery life is still horrible, but its a smartphone. I cant complain

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