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    My friend is on Verizon while I am on Sprint. He's going to come over today and I was wondering if I could install the SuperKernal app via my WOQI.
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    Copy woqi into a new folder, make sure you download the right doctor file for his version, 1.4 I'm guessing. Put the woqi, doctor and SPK ipks all in the same folder and it should all work from there.
    make sure you have the most up to date version of woqi as well.
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    When I got my Pre Plus, Palm hadn't released the WebOS Doctor file to the public yet and I ran the WOQI with the Sprint version of the Doctor file. Just don't run the doctor on the Pre Plus. As long as you keep the WOQI up-to-date you should be fine. I would go to and download the Verizon files incase you need the Doctor though.
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    @databoi. That probably worked because at the time sprint and verizon were on the same version of webOS. At this moment of time however, Sprint is and Verizon is still 1.4, so the doctor files are not compatible.
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    so now that Verizon is on can we use the dr.?

    Update: The Doc I had DLed was the older ver! Verizon now shows up!
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