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    I am sure it is not just me but two of my friends have Palm Pre and all of our Palm Pre has a crack at the USB Port.

    Last week my Pre's crack reached till the center of the screen and I had to get it replaced through the insurance (can't believe I had to pay another $100 for that).

    Does anyone else had the similar crack near the USB?
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    I've got the same crack... Mine hasn't reached the screen yet, so I'll wait to replace it. This is a well know weak spot of the phone. Apparently some people have had luck getting a warranty replacement. Only heard of a few though...
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    I have a crack to the edge of the phone caused by the USB door cover coming off. Went to (2) different Sprint stores, said it was abuse. BS. Won't replace. Both told me to pay $100 for insurance.
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    I got a tank-like case to hopefully get me to June for my replacement for this same issue.

    I as well took it to sprint and they said abuse. Palm said I could send it in and they would evaluate it but I decided to just try and make it with the case till june and the evo or new palm device.

    the case I got is pretty solid. Silver front and works with the touchstone and the crack hasn't progressed.
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    People with the usb cracks (my cover been off and I still got a crack) we should force a crack by the center button. Just to get a replacment
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    Palm/Sprint should recognize it as a fault in the design, and replace asap. Sprint customers should get Pre Plus to replace Pres.
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    I understand that this is a REAL problem and people are truly getting these, but it blows my mind how lucky I have been. I have 2 Pres (mine and wife's) and neither have ever had this, or any other issues.

    I do get the "Too Many Cards" occasionally, though rare.
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    Same here. The crack started out tiny and is now more than an inch long. and the crack also spread to the USB cover hinge hole and the USB cover broke off as well. Been delaying getting a replacement because of the pain in recovering all of the software upon reinstalling. But I need to soon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by theyams View Post
    Same here. The crack started out tiny and is now more than an inch long. and the crack also spread to the USB cover hinge hole and the USB cover broke off as well. Been delaying getting a replacement because of the pain in recovering all of the software upon reinstalling. But I need to soon!

    I love my webOS because I can pick up another phone and GO! I got my new phone yesterday, reloaded my profile and started using it. it had all my contacts, websites, calendar, and everything ready for use.

    To make the switch (and doctoring) easier, I downloaded all my homebrew to my PC, for a simple one time install via WOSQI (thank you Jason!)

    This time I decided to load my patches from preware, but normally I, again, use WOSQI to apply all my patches at once and do one Luna restart.

    I guess what I am getting at here is that I have had other phones where I have had to get one replaced. I spend all day reconfiguring and redoing all the stuff that is important to me.

    I have doctored and replaced phones a couple times now (never had to doctor by force, only by choice) and I was able to get up and go with an hour or so like nothing happened. i can't think of another device you can do this with.

    Just my 2 cents

    Reminds me of the old PalmOS days where you could reset the device to factory specs and then just hook it up and hotsync and you were back to normal! People have forgotten about this feature that Palm has been using forever!

    Sprint Pre- Meta-Doctor 2.1.0 w/Flash

    Everything is Amazing & Nobody is Happy, "People with their mobile phones, "uh... oh... it won't..."... GIVE IT A SECOND... IT'S GOING TO SPACE!" Louis C.K.
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    I also have a similar issue only mine has a rather chunk shaped like a triangle missing right below the USB cover. The USB dust cover broke away within the first two weeks. Phone has never been dropped and or abused in anyway. Taking it to have a Sprint Technician look at it today as now I also have two pieces of metal wire hanging down from behind the screen when it is slid open. Crack hasn't reached screen yet but I can tell it's headed that way. It's obviously a manufacturing flaw and should be replaced by Sprint free of charge. Guess I'll see what line of BS they give me later today.
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    mine has that same triangle chunk gone below the usb port....hope you had better luck than I did....
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    is this issue only on the original palm pre? wat about the palr pre plus?
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    I just got my first Day Pre replaced for a crack in the screen which started from a small crack from the Usb port. The tech told me that they can't replace my Pre from the crack on the Usb, but their was a known issue if it came from the center button, since the screen was cracked he said their is an issue with the screen and he would order me a free replacement. I also told him that the screen was dimming once in a while and that the screen wasn't reacting like it should. Just be calm and up-front with these people and they will treat you right,most of the time. Good luck.
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    I started getting that crack the first part of July. I took it to a service center and the rep there told me I didn't know how to plug in, and unplug my phone. Which is rather ironic since all i ever use is the Touchstone...

    I killed my Pre somehow today. Sprint is sending out a 1 time replacement free of charge. Surprised the hell out of me that the tech support rep not only got this done, but he got it done without me knowing. He called me back 30 minutes later while I was on the way to a Service Center to tell me.

    Sprint's customer service has come a very long way. Terrance went above and beyond the call of duty.

    And yes I did tell him, and his manager, about the crack and a couple of other blemishes.

    I'm still flat out amazed.
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    does this happen aon the pre plus?
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    Quote Originally Posted by evanderlongoria View Post
    does this happen aon the pre plus?
    Yes it does... have had mine since they came out, and noticed the crack starting about 3 weeks ago... Don't remember dropping it or anything. It's spread to within about 1/8" from the screen now.
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    This is such a widespread problem and obvious manufacturing defect, but I wish we had more consistent results with getting it replaced.

    I have the crack like everyone else here and don't have the insurance. What are my odds of getting a replacement, and what's the best way to go about it?
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    is there a specific cause for this?
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    I had the crack develope at my usb port and called up palm and told them I knew they had a build quality issue and that my palm pre was babied and should have not cracked like that...and that since it did crack, I beleived it to be a design issue for them to note, and a quality issue. I demanded a replacement at no cost. They responded and said to mail it to them and they'd mail me one back. I had had it for 6 months roughly, and did not get sprint replacement or extra warenty. My new one seems to be a little better, but I try to use the USB port as little as possible now (Such a shame - it should have been located at the bottom of the phone with no cover).
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    I think the cause is the shape and right at the crack is a post that holds the face of the screen to the lots of pressure at that point...

    I say that because I have a crack on the left side in the same position.
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