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    Still waiting here, Buffalo, NY
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    Nothing here, Athens, GA.
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    Waiting here in Al too. Was hoping to wake up and update this morning. You are supposed to remove all patches before updating right?
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    I'm thinking it will hit around 5 p.m. thats usually when it happens.
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    not to beat a dead horse here, but is it a wise decision to remove the overclock patch before the update rolls out??
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    So what exactly do we need to uninstall before upgrading to 1.4.1? I have about 50 patches, the 800mhz kernel and CPU Scaler app.
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    Uninstall any 800/720/600 kernel patches. Also heard that you should uninstall any themes.

    edit: forgot to add to uninstall CPU scaler. Anything dealing with the CPU should be removed...
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    It wont start coming until 9pm. Until then, there is a woot-off going on that should provide entertainment while you wait.

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    I heard 9 PM too. Waiting. . .
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    Hopefully soon. I removed all of my patches in anticipation and have really been missing them...
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    I removed my 800 MHz and theme this morning... Can't connect phone to a comp while at work and wanted to have it ready incase comes out before I get home... No biggie, I can live with it like this for a few days if I have to. If it's going to be longer than that, I'll reapply everything...
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    Nothing yet in Minneapolis, MN.
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    Nothing in Chapel Hill, NC yet.
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    nothing here in SF, CA
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    Phoenix, Az nothing
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    By the way you do not need to remove the cpuscaler app, you only need to set the scaling and speed off. Plus if you have SPK you only need to uninstall the custom kernel and not the app, though you probably won't be able to reinstall the kernel straight after update. Patches do not need to be removed since they AUPT but themes do.
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    In addition to the CPU caveats, someone posted a thread to remind us VZW folks what to do before installing the update.
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    Nothing here yet, Hoboken, NJ...already remove the patches and preware with webos comes the waiting game.
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    Where did people hear that this was supposed to be coming out today?
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