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    What about getting a free google voice number and then giving that number to your friends here in the US. Once you get a local Spanish number set up GV to forward all calls to that phone. Not sure if GV will forward to international numbers. I'm sure someone here can clear that up.
    Yeah I was wondering about GV and international usage? Anyone have any info on this. I'm going to China and looking for a cheap way to make international calls because using Sprint would be like $2 a minute.

    Also what is IM+?

    EDIT found IM+
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    I'm hoping for a voip client that does not require a cellular voice channel. I'm researchin using the novatel MiFi 2352 in Spain, with my Sprint Pre. I just need that pure voip client and hoefully cellular data service on a pay as you go deal with a good network, like Movistar.
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