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    1. For some reason, I can't view pics bigger than 1MB, an thoughts?

    2. If I turn my pre off at night, full battery, it is dead in the morning?

    any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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    by off do you mean you've held the power button down until a menu pops up asking for a few options.. then selecting "power" then shutdown? or is it just that the screen is off?

    if it is actually off.. try removing the battery, then placing it back in.. that way you can be sure its off. if its still drained, I'd think there's hardware at fault. but I'd want to eliminate all variables first. like software, charging system etc..
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    There is a Patch in Preware that mae you able to view any image size in browser and left the limit, try it out.

    Regarding Battery drains, there is an app that running or stuck in background that make your pre battery drains too fast, remember what apps or patches you instaled lately and try to remove one by one to discover which one make your battery drains like this.

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