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    Today I received my replacement from Assurion. I had heard that people had bad luck with the refurbs they were getting. Well mine was not good either and it has to be replaced. Kind of ironic that I got a damaged replacement to replace my damaged phone...anyhow I digress.

    When I finally got my Palm Profile to download and install, it was missing some of the apps. I had this happen under a warranty replacement too, and after updating to the current software update, doing a partial erase, and logging into my palm profile again everything was back to normal again. I planned on doing the same today, but there was parts of the phone that were damaged beyond repair, and after 2.5 hours of trying to get it set up they are going to send me another replacement. At this point I did a full erase, and reactivated my old dumb phone.

    My question is this: When I get my next replacment and go through the same palm profile>update software>partial erase>palm profile process will I get all of my apps again, or because my profile was last updated on the phone and was missing several apps - will that become my new profile?
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    you get all ur apps back but not the homebrew apps.

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