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    I think I am switching to sprint to test drive them out and see how the network is...

    I have verizon(droid eris)
    andd i had the palm pre plus and loved it and it got stolen


    I see now what people mean by Verizon is really expensive(even though they have the best coverage)

    so i called sprint monday and got a palm pixi for free and i wanted to know was it a good phone

    i am thinking of either getting a hero(even though its ugly its basically the same as my eris) but also thinking about the pre

    So what could you guys tell me about the pre and pixi(and even hero)
    that you know are currently going on with it(improvements, complaints, etc etc)

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    I've had my Pixi since the 1st day it came out, and I really love it. It's small, lightweight, thin, and I can easily slip it into my pants pocket. It is absolutely the best smartphone I've ever owned. I was worried that the screen would be too small, but I have no issues with the size after using it for several months.

    So far as Sprint, I love their plans. I can call ANY cell phone for free, and I have all the data I want. I also love the Sprint Navigation which comes free with my service.

    If I had to wish for any improvements, it would be for faster speeds and longer battery life.... then again I would always be wishing for that!

    Palm Apps:

    jVault and jChecklist
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    There are a few differences between the pre and the pixi as far as functionality goes.
    First pre has wifi, pixi does not.
    Second the pre can run the 3d games that everyone is addicted to, pixi cant. (last time i checked)
    now the pixi battery does last a little longer and is probably quite a bit more durable.

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