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    I searched for other threads with this issue, but couldn't finnd any...

    Anyway, the issues is pretty straight forward: everytime I take a new picture, the last one I took is over written. This started about a week ago.

    I have a Pre Plus on Verizon. Running the original 800MHz patch, and dozens of others (as most others).
    Though I haven't been able to install or remove patches for quite a while because I always get thee IPKG error installing (via Preware). I've tried running the EPR, but it just sits there forever (left it overnight once).
    So, I don't know if that may be apart of it, but I wouldn't mind some advice on that issue, either.

    Thanks, all!
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    Nevermind, fixed the picture issue. Just took forever to get update 'cause it was so late coming to Verizon. But it also fixed the double key entry issue that was specific to Verizon, so it was well worth the wait.

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