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    Hi, I have a question with the Doubletwist program. Basically I want to know if the syncing ability with itunes songs and playlists are only upon initial installation, or if this will continue to sync every time you edit/add a playlist or song. Yup, you guessed it, I also use an ipod and want to finally upgrade my itunes, but I also use my pre for music.

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    in a word: Yes.
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    I just downloaded doubletwist and installed. It recognized all my playlists and songs, but I tried to create a test playlist in itunes and then refresh the playlists in doubletwist but it is not updating my test playlist. Any idea why?
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    DoubleTwist will only sync your basic (as in not a Smart Playlist) playlists. Smart Playlists (the kind where you specify the criteria for inclusion) will NOT work. I was all excited about being able to manage my music library in iTunes to sync with a newer iPod Touch, and using DoubleTwist to pull out the Smart Playlists to sync with my Pre.. but alas that workflow does not work.

    Right now I'm looking into Sailing Media Sync for Mac, as it looks like it might do what I'm looking to do.
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    I used double twist before and it sync all my playlist just fine. But now using a new pre it won't create all my playlists and the ones it does it gets them wrong or incomplete. What can I do to get my playlist on my phone?
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    am i the only one that doesn't like doubletwist? I found it slow and unresponsive. It also seems to have a mind of its own when i plug anything into the USB port.

    Not too keen on songbird either, but iLve not tried the latest version yet.
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    if you are looking to replace itunes with another music mgnt app, then doubletwist & songbird are both (somewhat) viable alternatives.

    if you still need to sync to an apple ipod product, in addition to syncing your pre/pixi, then salling media sync for mac is the way to go. it is the only app out there currently for mac users that will correctly transfer ALL platlists, including Smart Playlist (it does so by converting the smart playlist into a regular one at the time of sync, and then updating it at every subsequent sync). there is a free version, but it's speed-limited so you'll have to purchase the full version for $22.

    the other alternative, iTuneMyWalkman, is free, but has a critical bug in that a song can't be in more than one playlist, making it a non-option for me. it also looks like development has come to a halt and it hasn't been updated in quite a while.

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