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    I just wonder why is not even an announcement from a product/sw company covering Webos and/or an intent for doing so from the Homebrebow community.
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    There is. It is still in pre alpha status and somewhat buggy here and there, but it works.
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    (Speaking as one who cannot typ or speel - so NO offense meant!!)

    My Brain saw Turn--by-Turd!!


    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    He's looking for a Turd-by-Turd navigation app
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    I think I took a wrong tund.
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    O2 Germany will release Telmap for WebOS. O2 releases Telmap for every Mobile with GPS. Android is ready. iPhone, BB and WebOS follow
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    I wonder how easily it will be adaptable to O2 UK, when it arrives.
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    in spain?

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