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    I don't know if my phone is just getting old or if it's simply WebOS, but when trying to use my phone as a media device just isn't sufficient. Today I was listening to music on shuffle on my Pre and I saw something I wanted to take a picture of. So I pulled up my camera (which is laggy as well but that's not the point) and successfully took a few pictures. Now opening the camera stops music from playing, which is fine, but it took me over 3 minutes just to get my music to play again. I clicked play, it showed it was playing, but no music came out. I switched songs and it said that song was playing, but again, no music. Checked my headphones, they were fine. Closed the music app and reopened it and it finally worked again.

    I love my Pre and it's interface, but the media (and general speed) needs to be enhanced.
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    do you have the 800mhz patch installed?
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    also... have you cleared your call history lately? If this is full, it will cause a lag (weird i know).

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