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    Sadly I'm now on my second show stopping problem with my O2 supplied Palm Pre.

    As of today, I cannot hear any caller through the ear speaker. However the speaker phone works fine.

    I've run the audio tests and they work fine (including via the ear speaker).

    I've also secure deleted all data from the device and signed into a new profile (ie so it doesn't start trying to download and sync).

    But still, I hear absolutely nothing unless I put it on speaker phone.

    Going to attempt to doctor it tonight, however if that doesn't work then will be returning it to O2 tomorrow morning.

    Any ideas on why the interactive audio tests all worked out ok but I can't hear phone calls?
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    Are you stuck in headset mode?
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    First try putting the headphone jack in and out several times. If that doesn't work do a search. There is a software fix that can help this problem. The phone thinks it's in headphone mode.
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    The "Matchstick in and out a lot of times" fixed it.

    Is it likely to keep ocuring?
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    I have found that certain apps when listening through headphones, the getting stuck in headphone mode occurs more often. Like the music player, if I shut off the music before taking out the jack, it won't get stuck. The same with Pandora. I have become careful to close music apps or stop music in them before taking out the headphones and I haven't had the problem any more. I don't know if that helps or not.
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    Yes, in my experience, it is likely to happen again.
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    I stopped using the headphone jack, problem solved! lol. But it was annoying till i figured out what to do.

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