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    it's about the same, you're looking at a 10-20 percent drainage per hour with 1x or evdo on, respectively. The fact of the matter is whilst idle the device still handles the signal and still makes data processes as if it were actually in use, meaning the drainage while in use as compared to idle is relatively the same. Though you can use more power by being data heavy while the display is on and phone is in use, there is still a standard level of drainage per hour whether idle or not while data is enabled.
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    yeah, currently I have an app that turns on and off data every hour for 5 minutes, in order to receive emails and such. If anyone is interested I will post it. It turns it on even if the phone is not in use.
    COULD YOU TELL US WHAT APP IS THIS? Very interesting!
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    i'd also be very interested in this.
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