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    sorry for the rant. I received a replacement device yesterday from VZW because of the keyboard issue. Cool, so I activate the phone and try to use it but I am stuck at the Palm Profile setup screen, it is saying I have to have wireless data services from my provider. Well, I have that and my old phone was working just fine before I activated my new one. So now, my new phone is ok for voice services, but my old phone is still showing up for VZW for my data services. I have no 3G on my new device and I cannot even use the phone because I cannot get past the stupid Palm Profile screen....

    I do not understand why it activated my voice services to my new device but not my data services???

    I call VZW and they say that they are experiencing a data outtage which is why I cannot use the phone, but the National Customer service line said nothing of an outtage, and nowhere on the internet do I see reports of one happening recently.

    So I am stuck with 2 phones and neither one of them work properly.

    So you say, no big deal right, wrong. I would consider my self a pretty heavy phone user, especially after hours, I do business with many vendors on the West Coast that I need to speak with after work hours on the East Coast. I have not had a home phone is about 3 years because I use my cell phone for everything. I typically take calls and open email files up to about 10:00 EST, and I am very busy with work right now.

    I have 5 full bars but no 3G symbol....

    Any suggestions??
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    Can you re-activate your old phone and see if the data is working? And don't you have to shut down your old phone to activate a new one?
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    Hmm, not sure what this has to do with the Pre (could be any phone), seems like your beef should be with VZW. Perhaps a trip to one of their stores with both phones would be able to clear this up.
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    I had a similar issue with Sprint. The problem was that when I walked out of the store the rep did not activate the ESN number. That is they have to put the new number in their system so that when you log in to your Palm profile it will connect with their system and fully activate the phone. You need to go back to the store and make sure the ESN the have on record is the same as your new phone and that they have activated it.
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    Well, I called the VZW again and got lucky enough to speak with a women who was absolutley wonderful to work with. I explained my dilemma, she tried a few things but came up with nothing, I had a few meetings so she gave me her number and extension. I figured yeah, right, whatever. So I get on a conference call and I see an email from her letting me know that if she can figure it out, she will send me an email because she knows I am tied up in meetings.....she ssent me an email asking me to turn off the phone.

    about 90 minutes later...........fixed!!!

    She called me after I was done with my meetings, sent me about 6 emails letting me know her progress when she knew I could not speak to her as well.

    Her name is Lora Lee Rice and she was the best CSR I have ever dealth with regarding any issue I have ever had with any device....Kudos to VZW....
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