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    Was watching SPB-TV last night and suddenly the screen turned white and the Pre froze up completely. Had to do a battery pull to get it going again, and it said I needed a restore. First restore didn't bring in apps, so I took advice from the forums and did a partial erase. Second time brought apps in, includind apps I'd completely forgotten I once used. All patches work fine and phone works fine in general. However, all homebrew apps (except Unhide Dev Mode, for some reason) are gone, including the paid version of CPU Scaler, Mode Switcher, and a lot of other great stuff.

    Guess I should have loaded the Internals Save and Restore app.

    Anyone else ever seen this kind of failure?
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    Anyone else ever seen this kind of failure?
    Never heard of it on the Pre, but I used to have a Samsung M520 (which also was a slider phone) and this was a very well know problem there. The "white screen of death" was blamed on the ribbon cable that connected to the LCD display. Apparently opening and closing the slide all the time would either wear the connection or cable out, so I assume something similar is possible with the Pre.

    What makes me not think this is the same issue is that, if it were, once you removed the battery and rebooted the Pre, and the display was working, you should not have noticed anything different (apps, etc.). Sound like it was another issue and not just a hardware issue with the touch screen.

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