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    I am full. Video recording takes up a lot. Games. Music. Pictures. Podcasts.
    Needs more or options to add more!

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    8GB is not even close to being enough for me... I had to delete some games. I wish they would have made this phone expandable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    Android phones come with like 512mb to 1gb for applications and from I understand you annot load apps to removable storage. For eg the htc hero has 512mb for applications.
    Can if you hack it. Sprint's sending me a Moment to test drive my signal coverage today, so I'll be playing around with it to compare with the Pre for a few days as I've never gotten to play with an Android and as such, I've been reading up on Android roms (specifically because the Moment comes with 1.5 and I want to put 2.1 on it). It also holds up to 32GB external, which isn't out quite yet. 16GB microSDs are out, but man, they can be expensive ($70 and up), but Neweggs got a couple for $45.

    Personally, I've got like 200mb of space left on the Pre. I had to cut some albums and I don't have any videos or anything (bummer with Dr.Podder and the Youtube patch being available). Not that I listen to all 5.7GB (although I'm pretty familar with most of it), but I'm a big fan of the SHUFFLE button and I like to have songs I haven't heard to shuffle. I'd love at least 16GB.
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    now that I've been converting mkv's to mp4, 8gb is not enough
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    You cannot install apps to SD cards on Android. I heard some people say they got it done by rooting the phone but the standard is they install to internal memory.
    Again, you are not installing "the app" on the SD cards. You are installing the data files for said app. The app's executable always lives in that memory until Android changes this limit, which was done to thwart app piracy (not well implemented, I might add).
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    That phone such a waste of money. Just don't try playing any 3D games on it. Unfortunately the very few 3D games on Android are made to work with the Motorola Droid.
    More misinformation. I installed Speed Forge 3d on my Hero very soon after purchase. Ran fine. My son likes "playing" it (he's a two and a half year old).
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    That phone such a waste of money. Just don't try playing any 3D games on it. Unfortunately the very few 3D games on Android are made to work with the Motorola Droid.
    Eh, we'll see. I've got a PS3, PS2, a Wii, and a DS, so I don't really need a Halo clone with PS1 graphics on my phone. I don't buy them on the Pre, so I don't need them on the Moment. Not that I'm planning on keeping the Moment, the landscape slider seems like a hindrance, but they sent me one to try as a warranty replacement because I'm having reception issues with the Pre and I wanted to see if it was the Pre or my house. They said I can send it back in place of the Pre if I want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    Try playing something like Asphalt5 then you would understand what I am talking about. That game lags on Nexus one but plays smooth on the motorola droid. Maybe because the droid has a dedicated gpu and nexus does not.

    Actually if you install the game to the Hero it shows like Asphalt 3 and still lags a bit. to get the real graphics you need a Moto Droid
    You said the few 3D games Android has were made to work with the Droid. It's demonstrably untrue. I never tried Asphalt 5 because I have no interest in it even on WebOS.

    However, Raging Thunder - a similar 3D racing game - runs smoothly even on the gimped 528 mhz processor of the G1/Hero/MyTouch. Look it up on YouTube for yourself.
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    8 is fine. 16 is better. I have 8. I want 16.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    They run smooth because they were made for gimped devices in the first place.
    Then also look up on YouTube "Android processor comparison with the Best #D shooter".

    First one up is an Acer Liquid with an underclocked Snapdragon with the lesser GPU than Droid. Runs it super smooth. Even the Legend plays it decent, and it has almost the same guts as the Pixi.
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    8GB is not enough for me. I have more than 8 GB of music in my collection so I've had to compromise on which music files I store on my device. Also I don't store any video on there since I've filled up my device with music and apps.

    32GB would be perfect for me I think, but 16 GB would work too. The next webOS device *must* have an mini-SD card slot.
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    Nope, not enough... I've had since launch and I'm down to less than a gig left.... I don't even have much music.
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    8 Gb is okay, depending on how much music or videos you have. What I didn't see discussed in this thread is the TMC (Too Many Cards) problem that you get with the Sprint/8GB Pre's. That problem is an issue if you play a lot of games or keep a lot of memory-hog cards open. This issue is rare to non-existent on the Pre Plus phones with 16gb. So, I would say that is a bigger issue than the storage space.
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    The question is not whether or not 8 GB is enough. The real question is value. Most smartphones ie (nokia N) offer 16GB plus expansion cards for the same price as the palm pre. Actually palm has always tried to skip features yet charge a higher price. If you recall Palm refused to have wifi and GPS on their phones even though the competition including feature phones offered it for less. The Nokia N8 shoots HD video has 12 megapixel camera, 16GB built in, 16GB card expandable, HDMI output, camera in front for the same cost as an unlocked pre.
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    The new phone doesn't have to have an sd card slot if it has 64 gigs of storage
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