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    Anyone else out there somewhere in India, wishing he/she could be coddling a Palm Pre?

    I don't even think they have any plans to get it out here, either...that's the sad part...
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    Following users are using a Pre on Indian networks:

    - Sukh [Vodafone]
    - Supreet [Vodafone]
    - VikramPune [Idea Cellular]
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    me too - On Airtel in Gurgaon.
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    I'll add you to the list!
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    Yeah it sucks... best option is to import one which costs a little more but totally worth it

    I took one for my friend last time i went to india
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    You guys able to install apps and do other cool things with the pre? Do any of you have GSM unlocked version?

    There's one on item number 150436102412

    Game over!
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    Installation of apps....yup no issues with 3D games and loadsa homebrew..I have the UK locked to O2 version with RebelSim (but with a sprint 1.4 f/w flash). I need to reflash to 1.4.1 (O2) and try the unlocking method mentioned in another thread...

    Works great though - although I'm not able to convince a lotta people that its better than a E72 or an iPhone due to the lack of apps that extend functionality ("What? no voice/call recorder!?")...

    By the way - if anyone in India is looking for Palm Pre accessories you can find them at www(dot)fommy(dot)co(dot)in
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    I have been waiting for an unlocked GSM Pre to use on Vadafone (Gurgaon, India), for what now seems like an eternity. My Treo680 is ready to bite the bullet anytime now and I hope I am able to figure out a way to get the Palm Pre+ from Germany soon. If only the US GSM version had the same 3G bands, for it is much easier to get things from the US.

    PS: I have been using only Palm/Handspring phones, ever since the first Treo appeared almost a decade ago. I have resisted even looking at anything else, but I am not sure I could hold out much longer unless I get a hold of the Pre + soon.
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    @ Abhi - how did the 800 MHz work out? Thanks for the accessories link.

    @ Sanjay - yes, me too. But wait till you get one, and find out that much of the stuff that made Palm phones rock are missing on the Pre !

    @ All in India - has anyone got paid apps to work? How?

    Pune - Idea Cellular
    German Qwertz Unlocked O2 Palm Pre
    1.4.1 FW with modified carrier database
    Palm V -> Palm Vx -> Treo 180 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 680 -> Palm Pre (busted) -> iPhone4 (awesome) + iPad
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    @Vikram - I'm more than happy with the 720 MHz patch. Its been quite a while and I have the temperature patch installed - hardly did it go above 43 deg C...and when it did I just turned off Wifi and data to cool it I'm definitely not upgrading to the 800, and I'm very happy with the 720 patch. I'm just wondering how awesome WebOS would be on a 1 Ghz processor...720p video recording, 3.7" screen, voice/call recording features - that would make it an awesome phone!

    @Sanjay: Good to know there's a fellow Palm lover in Gurgaon. I've gone from Treo 650 to 750 and finally I got my Pre from a seller based in B'lore 5 months back (ebay)!
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    I am having O2 Locked Palm Pre Unlocked with Rebel SIM
    In Bangalore with Airtel. Eagerly waiting for the 3G auction.
    The Phone's shines when its Online all the time.

    Had the usual iss with 1.4.. But castleumtsfw.tar from 1.3.x fixed the issue
    Now I m on 1.4.1

    I have lots of HomBrew Apps Patches Themes Installed

    Am running Compcache kernel from unixpsycho.. It works at 800Mhz when LCD is ON and 500Mhz when LCD is OFF.
    Works great.

    Have not dabbled with paid Apps yet.
    Will wait for Apps to be opened for the World.

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