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    I think everyone should hit up Timothy's Thanks button BIG TIME.
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    dude i have a pre and yet i wanna buy one from you! lol
    man i miss my radioshack days i would push currently great phones and if i was still at the shack i would push palm pre to everyone. your a good salesperson something i was but i got drained and fell off the high
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    Good job Tim. I wish all rep where like you pushing the pre. Keep up the good work and maybe some of your spirit will rub off to the verizon reps
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    well, I appreciate that guys! I sure wasn't expecting all the thank you's

    I'm just excited to be able to put a killer product in people's hands!

    Palm Rocks!
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    Good job

    Just curious about blaming the bad sells on the activation screen... So Verizon doesn't let you activate demo phones? The demo Pre and Pixis in my local Verizon store is activated and fully functional. (Yup, that's where I had my first taste of the dreaded double type, the demo Pre even had tripple backspace when I tried to correct the double type... makes me appreciate my Sprint Pre a little more)
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    Well that just made my night, thanks bro!!!!!!
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    It is great to have a knowledgeable sales rep pushing a good product. Palm deserves more attention and with better hardware, WebOS will shine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by timothygothra View Post
    well, I appreciate that guys! I sure wasn't expecting all the thank you's

    I'm just excited to be able to put a killer product in people's hands!

    Palm Rocks!
    Good jod dude!!!!!! Nice to hear positive things about the pre and I really like hearing about the price point for verizon....i know they all about the money.
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    I have to say, an awesome sales rep makes all the difference. I walked into an O2 shop here in Germany, expressed interest in the Pre and since they didn`t have a model for me to hack away on, one of the reps got out his own Pre and started to show me all these amazing things. Needless to say, I was convinced within a few minutes. My fiancÚ and I walked out of that shop, thinking, "!!!" Et voila, 2 weeks later I held a shiny new Pre in my hands.

    So good on ya, Tim, for giving people a chance to see this amazing phone in action!
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    I totally agree... The "Activation" screen is dumb!
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    Quote Originally Posted by timothygothra View Post
    Hey everyone!

    Even my co-workers from the region know nothing about the palms. They just know what they read from the verizon information and they have no clue what's so great about the phone. Once I trained my Co-workers (Manager and Assistant Manager) on the palms they started to see how great they were and now they push them like crazy!

    And I think alot of that has to do with the phone that they don't get to play with the phone themselves. Instead of having live demos of the palm's, we have live demos of the droid, which is dumb because the activation screen on an android phone is very easy to get passed.

    Thank you. And this is why store reps learning how a phone's operating system works is soooo important. Palm learned from the Verizon mess and made sure that ATT reps are trained for one month on webOS.
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    Great to hear man! Lately it's easy to get wrapped up in the new hype running around Evo, Dell, and iphone leaks. Makes it easy to forget that the Pre is still the best phone on the market RIGHT NOW. Sure it's not perfect, but no phone is. If you're looking to buy a phone today, the Pre is still king imo. Phone vs. phone the incredible comes close, but if you factor in bang for your buck, it's not close.
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    Way to go Timothy. I agree with everything posted. Once people are told about the Pre and shown what it can do, it sells itself. Now we just need more people to give it a chance and spread the word.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Black View Post
    Its a CDMA limitation. Even Verizon wont let you do that because they're CDMA too. Only GSM like AT&T can do that. But, you can turn on WiFi and browsing the internet while you're on a call. I do it all the time. Its pretty cool!
    It's actually, a carrier imposed limitation. Verizon and Sprint phones can both use 3g data and the phone at the same time. You just have to turn of the block in the field service menu. I forget what the setting is called, but I've changed it on several Sprint phones. If you're interested jus search the sprintusers forums. Also, the limitation only applies to apps. Built in stuff like the updater, mms and synergy are able to access 3g while you're on the phone from the factory.
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    Good job man, keep up the good work. Glad to hear there are still honest sales rep out there.
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    Awesome!! Keep up the good work!! More reps need to be like you!
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    TIM, not sure how your store works with other stores (ie-any networking etc.) but if you could somehow spread the word to the other stores any they do the same thing, you(your co) will be selling plams left and right! You may not see it how I do, but you could play a HUGE role in palm sales! If all of your other stores do the same, we're looking at moving 100's of palms weekly! (daily?). You are a pioneer my friend! as stated above....GO TIM! GREAT JOB!!!
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    Great to hear some positive news. Have had my Pre for a couple of months and love it.

    As a Verizon rep, what is your take on the GPS problem? Seems as if GPS works fine on Sprint but not Verizon. Is Verizon disabling GPS as a lot of people have suggested in other threads?
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    And Timothy, you should mention your observations to someone at Palm about the activation screen. I'm very serious. I am certain that they would listen. They're not in a position to not listen really.
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