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    I bet his current Pre will be on it's best behavior for a while.
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    Reminds me a little of the old SNL "Bass-O-matic" routine.
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    i think i should send the pre to asurion and tell them my it fell in my blender. see what they say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UndeadCircus View Post
    His newest video is blending an iPad.
    That was the best one so far because he had to fold it in half first. lol
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    It would have been more entertaining if it had too many apps error before it blended.

    I'm still waiting for someone to destroy:

    ti83 calculator
    military spec nextel phone like the 530
    kevlar jacket

    although I'm sure in july an iphone user will donate an evo to blend
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    lol I just realized... You should send that to palm and ask if it's covered by warranty
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    Quote Originally Posted by samid View Post
    i think i should send the pre to asurion and tell them my it fell in my blender. see what they say.
    lol so my campus has a skydiving club I'm joining and that's what I'm doing. I'm gunna throw my pre from a plane and send it to assurion
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    Forget the phone.. why would you do that to the blender?? lol

    Next time someone goes to use that thing... mmmm, smoothie with glass shards in my gums!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Armchair Commando View Post
    Of course it will blend...they don't make Pres out of depleted uranium
    Now thats an idea a slider made out of depleted uranium
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    Looks like someone destroyed your server, or it was a Windows based server.

    We should now see if that will blend.
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