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    So i have been avoiding getting the extended battery for quite a while now, but i finally think im at the point where i have no other choice.

    Why? you ask, well its because somebody finally did something right and released The settlers! Now im even more addicted to my phone! Thanks gameloft for making me purchase a bigger battery just so i can waste more time playing this great game!

    Anyone else have any similiar feelings?
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    for me it's Let's Golf, or maybe Monopoly. Not to mention checking Precentral 20 times a day.

    I'd get the extended battery if it were touchstone capable. So instead I have 3 touchstones for charging frequently.
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    I have the extended, but since I've happened upon a spare stock battery, I bought the charging dock with the spare battery charger off Precentral and have since gone off the extended.

    But I keep the extended around...just in case....
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    For me even the extended isn't enough. I still have to charge at some point during the day.

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