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    Just got my new PRE PLUS 1 week ago. Im not yet running any kernel patches just stock pre plus. Battery on my pre is pretty bad just like others. I do listen to internet radio all day at work. The pre just remain on charger all the time(at work). I am not using touchstone charger.Is it normal for the lower back to get close to burning hot ?(when battery cover is removed). I would understand battery getting hot from charging. Data transfer from internet too but it gets car on a sunny day hot.! Is this nomal? can it brake cpu? please reply.
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    Yes the pre getting warm is a normal thing
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    lol you was talking literally hot, I thought at first you really liked it some times it feels good in your pocket on a cold day.
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    thank you but its actualy hot not warm, everyone knows heat is the enemy of electronics. Does anyone know if leaving pre on charger for 8 hours while playing internet radio may damage something? if it would be warm i would be ok but it getting this hot gets me a little nervous.
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    yeah at first it does seam to be outrageously hot, but thats normal believe it or not, some times so hot that if you leave you finger on it for some time you could really feel it. If it makes you feel any better you can always put the temp monitor patch on so you can always see what battery temp you are at.
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    I do have battery monitor, right now it reads temp : 46 C. I have read about the super kernel patches 800 mhz, and the warning for the temp not to cross 43c but mine is not even running any patches. Its just standard radio internet, the battery monitor makes me wonder... the battery itself is worm. the part below battery is really hot. is there a monitor for cpu temp?
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    no, not for the CPU that is why we use the battery temp, but its close to the same thing in some strange way.
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    It's hard to say because there's "hot" and then there's *hot*. The Pre does get very warm if you're charging it, or if WiFi/EVDO is running constantly. 46C is pretty warm ... but charging and running internet radio full time at the same time is close to "worst case scenario". I don't think it's abnormal, but you might consider giving it a break now and then.

    The one time my Pre got really hot, it appears that one of the radios (I think WiFi) was "stuck" on ... it was draining the battery faster than I could charge it. I had to power down and pull the battery to get it to stop. So, if you see something like that you should consider a power-off-battery-pull shutdown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wildxconfusion View Post
    Is it normal for the lower back to get close to burning hot

    If you install the CPUScaler app, you will feel a big difference. It actually makes the pre alot cooler. The battery life will also be extended.
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    where can i get cpuscaler and what it does besides making pre run cooler? slows performance?

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