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    At my work, I pull up my daily work related schedule for the day on my companies system. From the PC, I hit CTRL print screen and paste it into outlook and email it to my gmail where I access it on my pre.

    My problem is, sometimes I get the screen capture image and other times i get a tiny small square in the email body where the image should be. I have double checked the email from my PC outlook sent folder and it is there, but for some reason, sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. Any ideas on this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    First, we should mention that it is possible you might be able to access your calendar data directly on your Pre (unless your company won't allow it--mine won't).

    Second, if you can't get access to your Exchange server from your Pre, it is possible to sync your Exchange calendar with your Google calendar, which you could then view on your Pre--you would need to install an application to your PC: Sync with Microsoft Outlook - Google Calendar Help.

    Finally, when receiving an email with a picture in it, sometimes the Pre will download the image attachment, and sometimes it won't, perhaps based on the size of the image. If you tap the attachment bar at the top of the email (under the subject line), the attached image will download and then appear in the body of the email where it belongs.
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