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    I decided to get a warranty replacement for some of the issues I have been having: keyboard problems; no GPS; phantom headset. Before I restore my data, I have a question ...

    I use Chapura Echo to sync with my Palm Desktop. When I was originally setting up the phone, the Palm Profile and Echo created duplicate entries. I ended up having to perform a partial reset. Then, I only synced using Echo, not the Palm Profile.

    If I restore the data using the Palm Profile backup, will Echo work normally after that? Or will it create duplicate entries again?

    And, do I need to save all of my pictures, music, and ringtones?
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    You need to backup /media/internal, look at SyncToy as free option from Microsoft (read up first) & Echo should work. If you have dups, there are lots of clean up utilities to use on the desktop side of the sync. Good luck!


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