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    Dear Forum members; I've been reading your posts for a while, but down here, in France, the Pre has just landed on April 27th. I do want to buy one. Yet, I have a question about the display of a particular website I can't do without. If someone could tell me if it displays well enough (in portrait and landscape mode) it would be really great. It is, where I browse through free pdf books, for research. Could you tell me if a book, for instance one I am studying, "Rachel Dyer", will display after you have entered the title in the search box and selected the first item from the list of proposed books? In the version of the site displayed on my computer, at that point, on the top left hand corner, there is also a search box which enables me to search within a book for whatever word I wish. If you type in this box the word "Burroughs" (one of the main characters), will results display on the screen? That would really be great! I know the web browsers (Android, Safari, Webos) may display websites in different ways, that's why I'm asking, and the Pre will only be physically available in the shops of the French carrier SFR on the 11th of May. Besides, I suppose many of you are now used to all the subtleties of the Pre and how to display websites, zoom in and out, so I will trust your conclusions about this matter. This is actually the only real thing I want to be sure the Pre will handle before changing carriers and buying one. I hope I'm posting in the right place and someone will try if those steps work fine. Thanks a lot!
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    if you can post a link to one of the books I could take a screenshot of it loaded on the pre for you to see.
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    I just visited the site on my Pre and worked just fine and you do get the search function on the right of the book preview it will display the pages and highlight the words you looking for in the book, you can zoom in and out.
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    Sorry for not "taking a screenshot", I am not a computer guy actually but thanks anyway ajk511. Thanks again to Sobeks for trying it out. Now, I can sleep soundly and go and buy this Pre!

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