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    Hi everyone!
    Hopefully, you're all having a great day at work and those that arent at work, hopefully you're having a great day altogether. So, i just discovered a weird issue with the Palm Pre Video app. The "play" button and video duration bar suddenly disappeared. The videos still play, but i cant skip to the part i want to actually watch. Its really weird. They just gone....Any help will be appreciated!
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    Tap the video and it should pop up.
    If that doesn't work, go into cardview and go back in.
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    I only ever see the play button and duration bar if I tap the screen. Otherwise, the video just opens and plays with nothing else on the screen.

    Assuming that's not the case with you, and this is a recent glitch?
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    Yeah. I tapped the video. But they dont pop up. Even when i try to edit the video, so i can upload it, it doesnt show the edit bar. Its just a problem with my Pre.
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    Haha..I always fix my own issues. Nevermind. It was a problem with a patch i installed.
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    Which patch was causing the issue?

    Sprint Pre- Meta-Doctor 2.1.0 w/Flash

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    "No Video Pause On Dim Or Screen Change"

    Fritos is going to fix it soon, i hope.

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