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    it wont send to other fones wth?
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    can you explain a bit,,very vague if yr looking for help.
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    i can send to email, thats weak.. on utube cool... my old fone 3 yrs bak would send 50 sec vids it was a sprint LG fusic...
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    unless yr sending to other smartphones,it won't work,,video quality is to good for them. And you can only send about 25 secs anyway. I'm sure someone will come along and explain why this is better then I,,but on a nut shell,,it is a high quality resolution for a phone anyway and you canot send lg vids.
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    something to do with the format,of the vids also,,the files are to lg to send to most,,again there are people out the thst can explain better,,as a mater of fact there Is a thread going right now about this topic
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    Is this is a 5 yearold complaining about a pre?
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