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    The hyper is the for sure way to go, Even without the 800 patch on the phone feels really fast, kinda like a mini 600 or something
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    So I ended up going with the regular Faster Card.....not the hyper. Man....this thing is blazing. I can't imagine what the hyper would feel like. I like the feel right now but, like some people said, I think the hyper would be too fast. Just my opinion though. Thanks to the developer of this patch!
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    ironically, animation is a big part of the eye candy that makes apple users think their products are 'magical'

    I like animations, as long as the is enough horsepower to handle them with no performance impact.

    the 800mhz patch seems to e able to handle everything well, but I think this patch actually increases load times. It sure 'feels' faster.

    interesting note is that the one place where animation is essential to me would bbe scroling through the launcher. If you apply the patch called 'wrap pages' which makes he page transition so fast that i'm not sure it changed. I had to take that one off.

    another tip: if you like speed over animation, go in to the screen&lock app (third launcher page) and enable the feature called 'switch applications'. Once you get used to it, wow is it fast! It allows you to swipe between fullscreen apps without going to cardview. You tap the gesture area for cardview, and a full swipe simple scrolls etwwen open apps.

    one of the best kept secrets in webOS!
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    If you want to install the "hyper-fast" version, do you need to remove the regular version first?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjeffcoat View Post
    If you want to install the "hyper-fast" version, do you need to remove the regular version first?
    Yes, it will not download if you don't. I removed one, then downloaded the second, then did a Luna boot.
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    thanks for the tip. Hyper is the way to go. I'm on the fence about the 800mhz. So this little patch makes the pre a lot better/faster.
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    I went and checked out the other ones and I still like the No Flash one better. While in apps like the web when you go back and forward it like flashes the card while it's fully open I don't get that with the kno flash.
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