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    I am trying to find a Bible app that allows you to download the ESV. I like youversion, but it is online...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoraWare View Post
    Bible Gateway's mobile site works quite well and has a *ton* on translations.
    This. I'm a divinity school student, and use this website in a pinch.
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    Simple Bible here. Love it. Still waiting for Simple Bible Pro so I can get my NIV and NASB translations, but for now the NET version suffices. But they also have the KJV.
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    There will be an update for BibleZ next week. This update will add a new fullscreen mode and the possibility to highlight verses.

    Here's a video demo of BibleZ 0.6:

    BTW: BibleZ is get it for free =)
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    I've played with a number of bibles and I keep going back to Olivetree BibleReader in Classic. It is by far the most robust bible app you can run on any mobile platform.

    Having said that the webOZ translations are very nicely done. Attractive and intuitive, webOZ would probably be my go to bibles if they had better bookmark handling and if they - like other webOS bibles didn't require so much scrolling. (Why is it that I can only go to a specific book and chapter but then have to scroll to the verse I want on just about every single webOS bible?) And while you do have to buy them separately, they are reasonably priced compared to bible software on PalmOS.

    As noted above, BibleZ and SimpleBible are both free and have a large number of translations. I like them but they both feel clunky and unintuitive.
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    On my PalmOS devices, I used the Bible Thumper app. I loved all the features it had - different resources like Strong's, dictionaries, commentaries, etc.; the ability to add your own notes; good search/go-to features; etc. I'm hoping that Simple Bible Pro will have all those features. Last time I looked, you could still find the Web site for the Bible Thumper app, so if anybody wants to look up the features, go for it.
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    I like using Bible Reader. It has offline caching, but doesn't lock up the phone. It just caches automatically while you read, or in the background. When I'm connected to the internet I can switch to the ESV or NIV, but when I'm offline I can switch back to AKJV, WEB or some other translation and flip through. It's free, too, so that's always nice
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    My vote is for BibleZ.

    It's free. There are many free translations available to download directly to your phone over-the-air. You can also import your own translations in Zefania format. It has some pretty sophisticated features, such as bookmarking, highlighting and the ability to add your own personal notes. You can search in individual books, the OT or NT, or the entire Bible.

    One of its greatest features is its book and chapter chooser. It is the best of all the WebOS Bible apps.
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    YouVersion's Bible app has improved quite a bit. Before it was a lot like just looking at a webpage within an app, but their latest version is more in line with the apps they've produced on other platforms. I like it... It'll hold me til Simple Bible Pro comes out.
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    You Version is awesome!!! LifeCurch out of OKC puts it out. The great part is that it's on almost every platform including browser based, so whatever bookmarks, tags, contributions, whatever. They show up on the web browser version, etc. It also has a social aspect where you can follow or be followed, etc. This v2.0 is just the beginning!
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    Bible z has the the Weymouth new testament. It takes forever to download modules tho. You version is looking for beta testers for a webos app, I signed up on twitter, but it hasn't started yet to where I've tested anything. Here is their twitter page: YouVersion (youversion) on Twitter
    Here is the you version main site: I used olivetree on my Treo 755, it was a great reader. So far on my pre I have the simple bible, bible z and the you version that was in the app catalog. Also check out the daily devotional, its a really cute app, too.
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    +1 for biblez

    Although it would be nice to have the option for NIV or NLT Versions.

    Olivetree needs to get working on an app for WebOS, All of our staff at Teen Challenge have been using that program for a while now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sukiyaki View Post
    You version is looking for beta testers for a webos app, I signed up on twitter, but it hasn't started yet to where I've tested anything. Here is their twitter page: [url= (youversion) on Twitter[/url]
    Here is the you version main site: [url].
    I signed up to be a beta tester last week, and yesterday I got an email welcoming me to the beta tester's program and that a new version of the beta would be out tomorrow.
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    I like olivetree biblereader in classic as well. however I want classic for three apps. Kinoma, slingplayer and olivetree biblereader. I won't pay 30 because kinoma and slingplayer don't work. if it goes on sale for 20 then I may bite. For now I just use bible reader which lets you download the entire kjv version locally and you can switch to all the rest online. nice app and it's free.

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    c'mon brotha blacknight,
    you know the Bible app was the 1st app you were supposed to download.. i use simple bible aswell but i think im goin to try bible z it doesnt hurt to have two bibles. now im taking my Bible with me every where i go...two of them =)
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