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    My power button is not working and neither are my volume keys, is there any way to power the pre on through the keypad?
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    open your launcher go to the Device info scroll to the bottom then hit Reset options there is a shutdown option in there =D
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    Here's the thing, i can't get pass the profile screen to get to the main menu. So if i want to power the phone on i have to connect it to the charger, i can't doctor the phone because my pc says no phone detected even though the phone is clearly charging through the usb. If i want to power the phone off i can to take the battery out. The phone is just a mess, i know how to restart the phone with the keyboard but not to power it on(if there is even a way to do so).
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    Wow that's quite the predicament. Is it new or recently purchased I would say take it back.
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    Well..Since you cant get passed the profile screen. The first step is to either create a profile or log into your existing profile.

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