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    Which part? The whole thing was awful and unusual. The good news: just picked up my new Pre Plus on VZW over lunch break and loving it so far! All my contacts and apps from my Sprint Pre are loaded in because of the Palm Profile. Feels like a much sturdier phone, in terms of hardware. Crossing my fingers that things go much more smoothly now.
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    That the evo has bad hardware (unless your screen was the few that came up).

    From my time with the Evo it feels solid everytime i use it.
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    Ah, that. Yes, the ones in the store seemed Ok. I was looking up online later, and I really think the one I bought had every single bug people described online. Wifi hotspot wouldn't work, even after two Sprint employee resets; speaker crackled when on voice calls; major screen separation and light leakage. Having been through Sprint return hell with my Pre, I decided to just return it.
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    My first 2 were refurbs my last 2 were new. Not sure if it's standard across the board.
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    You can try your luck, just be firm and let them know that the refurbished phone(s) aren't working out for you. Shoot, that's what I did. My last two was brand and all.

    Good hunting.
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    I've had my phone replaced 4 times now. Most recently in early June. Each one has been refurbished. I live in Omaha, NE.
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