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    Hi, i stumbled upon this site trying to find the overclocking patch/app. While here, ive discovered Preware, and the java based apps associated with it as well.

    But now that ive played with the device for a week, ive run into some problems that hopefully you could all help me with. Its a Pre Plus on the Verizon network.

    First of all, when i go to the Update app, it tells me that i have updates available for some apps. When i click "show updates," it just shows me a list of my apps, but no updates are available. So now im wondering what app is lying to me.

    Second, the kernel version is 1.4.0 build 136. I found 1.4.1 on preware and was wondering if i should install it, or wait for the Update app to do it.

    Third, none of the links for the overclocking patch/update work. It says something about the files being "private." is this because im a new user?

    I am using a theme and have a couple patches installed as well. Will i need to remove those to update anything? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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    you must remove themes before updating but you do not need to remove patches. If you over clock you must remove that before an update. Not sure about the links. Enjoy
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    o ,yr update problem is a known issue that many have. Mine has done that for quite some time now,,its really not a issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zmann View Post
    o ,yr update problem is a known issue that many have. Mine has done that for quite some time now,,its really not a issue.
    alright, thats fine... ill just ignore it

    but what about the kernel update? its on preware, but not the palm update app, any thoughts?
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    sprint has already updated to 1.4.1 but verizon has not,,thats why they are both there. You should wait until verizon releases 1.4.1. When it is released it will show up when you check yr update app.
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    For the App Update Problem:

    1) Start the Official App Store app.
    2) Click the shopping bag at the lower right.
    3) Update your apps (Update all button).

    I've stopped using the "Update" app for everything except OS updates. All it does is launch the app store anyway. Make it part of your weekly/daily check of the What's New and you'll end up saving button clicks in the end. Also since you're new you may not know the apps will update in the background so you can go and do other things in the app store after you click the Update All button. They'll even keep updating after you sweep the app store card away!
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    what you see in preware are for recovery. If you read closely it saya do not download a different kernal then the os you have. Verizon still running 1.4

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