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    I've got the screen brightness turned down all the way because I like to think it makes the battery last longer...

    Anyway, I'd say about 30%-40% of the time I turn my phone on, the screen pops up at FULL brightness. I have to hit the power button to turn the display off then bring it back on to get the "right" brightness level.

    Not a HUGE problem, but sounds like a bug to me. Anyone else ever experience this?
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    I've had this "issue" but again IMO it's no biggie would love a fix if anyone happens to know one though
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    This happens to me at least twice a day. I have no idea why, but I'm not too bothered.
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    If I'm only going to do something for a few seconds, I just do it and I'm done. If I'm going to be on it for a while, I "double-click" to get it normal.

    Worst part is when I'm in a dark room. Blinds me!

    I have a feeling this is a "widespread" issue, and it's just not bothersome enough for people to be vocal about it.
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    My Pre does this at the lock screen sometimes. Also, when I hit the power button the screen doesn't come on for a few seconds sometimes. It's not a huge deal but it would be nice if it was fixed in the next update.

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