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    Well i guess skype should be coming soon now that developers will be getting all those new features and api
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    in theory, yes, but not until fall at the earliest.
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    I wonder why palm always gets the *** end of the stick. We're always last to get the cool features. Oh well, I wasn't planning on using skype anyways.
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    actually, the reason why Skype isn't on the Pre yet is 100% palm's fault, as right now there is no way for Skype to get microphone access on the Pre. Palm has announced that they will make that possible by the fall.
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    Honestly, until there is a front facing camera on a Palm device, Skype is pretty much useless for me and the vast majority of other individuals.
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    I wouldn't say that. The idea of travelling, and being able to connect my pre to any wifi network and use it to make skype calls either for free or with skype out (which will be significantly cheaper than using long distance or roaming minutes), is an absolutely massive thing.
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    I hope Palm releases the API to Skype before the summer, so we can get Skype sooner.

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