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    So I dropped my Pre Plus the other day and I don't think I've ever been kicked in the sack so hard. Other than a small chip at the very top of the screen, everything felt ok and no scratches.

    Couple days afterwards though and I'm noticing that while the Pre is closed up, there is no wiggle/Oreo effect.....but when I tap on the screen it makes a clicky/chatter sound.

    I've checked for fixes, and of course there are non worth a crap IMO. (sorry). Does adding a case like the Seidio Innocase Surface help with a tad of looseness? I'm adding one anyway to help hide the chip out of the plastic from the fall. I just didn't know if adding something like a case helped a little.

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    yea same thing happened with me. my pre rolled down carpet stairs and hit the floor and the slider popped open right before. no "oreo" effect but the top right corner feels weird i guess.

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