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    Will new camera api allow a image editor for brightness/contrast etc? That's the biggest problem with the camera for me. A lot of pics I have to edit to make look better on my pc. Oh...and red eye correction would be awesome too if this allows that possibility too?
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    I just want zoom so I can upload to facebook without moving it to a pc to crop it.

    automatic red eye reduction would also be nice.
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    The camera API isn't the same thing as image correction. The api will allow access to the camera so a developer could, for instance, use the camera to scan a bar-code, without the need to take a picture and process it off-site.

    What you want is something already possible, and the PDK allows even greater use, but the main limitation is file access at the moment.

    It is possible the camera API could enable active red-eye reduction (like the setting on some nicer digital cameras where it flashes 3-5 times).
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    ok. So someone could possibly make a brightness/contrast app already, but being able to sesave the file isn't possible yet? Besides a printscreen to resave the pic...which sucks. I hope for an app like windows photo gallery that lets you edit simple properties to have a better pic.
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    And when we say "is possible," we should remember that these APIs might not be available for a few months. So, it would be more apt to say "will be possible."
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    Right now, it might be possible through the PDK, but definitely not through the standard APIs. We'll see if they add an interface to images (through canvas preferably) with the new APIs.
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    a pinch zoom would be pretty nice, too bad it would be just a digital zoom

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