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    Quote Originally Posted by etphoto View Post
    Come on guys. Don't you read all the post here? Palm is dieing. lol

    There is alot of info on here; Good news and bad news... Palm is going through some troubles, but no one knows for sure what's going to happen. We need to see what happens when Palm releases their new devices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    How is Palm dying funny?
    It isn't funny. Since I've joined this board I read all the threads about Palm not surviving. I was trying to show some sarcasm in response to this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by etphoto View Post
    It isn't funny. Since I've joined this board I read all the threads about Palm not surviving. I was trying to show some sarcasm in response to this thread.

    Did you read the threads about the new api's Palm is going to release? Jon also said they are working on new devices This will most likely be Palm's last chance to succeed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nychump View Post
    These ads and promotions are basically just clearing out old inventory.

    These ads/promotions are gonna stop once all the old inventory gets sold through and newer phones become available. By then palm should have a new device otherwise this little bit of positive momentum is likely to reverse again.
    not likely, most likely the opposite will happen by clearing out the inventory if thats what they're doing: it is increasing market share, product awareness advertising from word of mouth. If hardware is improved so that on att&t the phones are not plagued with problems then palm has a very good chance.

    hopefully palm
    comes out with their updates soon to make it webos even better. Hopefuily by fall we will have webos 2.0 or something very significant.
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    well I did my small part to help palm by getting 2 pre pluses for me and the wifey.. Also 2 of my co works are thinking about going palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    If I had to guess, I'd say he was being facetious about the constant stream of negativity on the forum.
    Yeah, seriously. I have been calling this site "pre|b!" lately.
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    There seems to be a constant trickle of new people but since I'm new myself I've no idea if that is anything different
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    Few more of my friends are also picking up Pre's... slowly seems to be gaining momentum as more devices are out and people start enjoying the devices.. I would say that all of those are pre + though.. the deal on VZ is pretty strong.
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    I've definitely been seeing more webOS hardware out and about. a couple of Pres, er..that is "Pre phones," ...and like 3 Pixis last week. Definitely surprised by the latter.
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    It's unlikely - sales peaked months ago and there are no new palm devices for people to change over to. Moreover, the smartphone marketplace is about to hit a period of very intensive competition, with lots of devices (and OSes) launching from big players with lots and lots of money to spend on marketing and carrier tie-ins.

    It's death by a thousand cuts unless the next device(s?) are really impressive and catch a lot of media attention - if they are just another incremental update on the current devices then...
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    since the last post here, I'd say HP Palm is doing well, and will continue to do quite well. I was very close to getting the Droid at Verizon,but webOS, mobile hotspot, and the buy one Palm Pre and get the second one free sold me
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    I saw my 1st Pre in the wild while on vacation in NOLA last week. I was excited and talked to the guy about it. Although he wasn't to happy with the phone. Guess why.....the battery life. He said he can't even make it through the day without the phone shutting down.

    I did introduce him to PreCentral & PreWare, hopefully he is reading this now. You can make this device a joy with those two combo's.
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    I think it's almost a must to get an extended battery with the Pre. I bought the Mugen 1400 and didn't even use the original Pre battery.
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