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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    Now it all makes sense.

    I have two pre's, one is launch day, the other was replaced once because of screen splotches, but the replacement has them too (as well as a dead pixel), although not as bad. I decided to ask Sprint for another replacement anyway, since I wanted a "perfect phone". They wouldn't do it for the screen splotches and one dead pixel - they said that all the Pre's they had seen have screen splotches and they aren't going to keep replacing them for that - they will replace them if the phone stops working in some way.

    I wasn't really bothered. My screen splotches aren't noticeable except under certain circumstances.

    I have had many devices and every single one of them had a flaw if I wanted to be anal enough. I have gotten over that. I don't expect perfection, I just expect fully functioning and no glaring flaws.

    Could my Pre's be made better? Yes. Does their build quality bother me and affect my use of the phone? No.

    I am certainly glad I am not a Sprint store. I would not tolerate the customer that wants to look through my entire stock for a perfect phone and then return it a week later because he was finally able to find a flaw. I'd refund his money and tell him goodbye.

    not sure who you're addressing with the now it all makes sense? and tolerating a customer that wants "look through the entire stock"???
    don't remember reading that.

    my phone and others came with a guarantee, yours's called a manufactures warranty...they aren't holding up their end with many of their customers. why is it there is a perceived problem to hold the manufacture and the pimp accountable for their actions. if i have to return a product a hundred times until i get one that works to my satisfaction that is with my rights, as long as it's within reason and the guidelines of my warranty/guarantee....i think mechanical failure is in those guidelines...i'm not talking about a pixel, which to me is still an unacceptable flaw in a screen, i'm talking about mostly major problems with manufacturing and QC. and by the looks of Sprints contract customers leaving by the droves and being replaced by prepaid customers...scary...might be why the Regional manger has called twice since monday...they noticed my "issue" had not been resolved to my liking and would like to discuss further possibilities...i'm open, let's talk amongst ourselves...Sprint, discuss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bevcraw View Post
    I know that I wasn't the first one on my block to get a cell phone. My first one was a Moto MicroTAC in the mid 1990's. It cost more than a bag phone, but was worth it for the smaller size. But it was not "micro" at all. My first analog StarTac was tiny by comparison. I wish I still had some of my old tech toys, but I wasn't sentimental about them back then.
    ditto...i trashed so many things that i could probably triple my cash on with some of retro-electronics fads going on...i must be old! that wasn't supposed to happen...i need a time machine...HP/Palm, get that webOs 2.0 going!!! i need to go back to 1985...we could make it to State this time! and win!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dsuycott View Post
    my wife is on her 6th and i'm on my 3rd. sprint is now refusing to replace the Pre's and has basically washed their hands of our problems with these the least i got them to agree to not
    charge us the cancellation fees when we leave, asap. we continue to get phones that crash when closing, keys are sticking when typing, half of the keyboard illumination goes out, touch screen failing, random crashes and rebooting when the phone is not even being used etc, etc. is anyone else have as huge of a problem with Sprints Pre's or the Verizon +?...
    I'm on my 4th pre, and I've only been with sprint for 5 months.
    my first the touchscreen went out
    my second the screen would just go black when making or receiving calls
    my third the speaker blew
    I am not having any problems with my fourth, but I've only had it a week. With all these problems I agree that the sprint pre has alot of problems. But I also believe that webos is the best os out there, and I will continue to stick with sprint and with the palm pre.
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    I bought my Pre on Sprint launch day. A couple weeks later I realized the persistent speck of dust was a dead pixel and had it replaced. Still on that same phone.
    My wife got a Pre in December 2009. No issues.
    Both of us have the occasional reset. I use patches and she doesn't.
    We're satisfied enough with the Sprint service (at my work it's spotty quality).
    We are also pretty careful people. The build quality isn't the best, but good enough for us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrdejavux View Post
    Palm Pre = Garbage
    I'm starting to agree with you..and Who cares if your on your launch day Pre ...I'm Sure....I'm on my 6th and this will be the last..i know good bye to you, Don't let the door hit ya and all your childish remarks but I think the EVO will put a end to the Pre..and No HP isn't gonna do anything for awhile.
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    nope. I've been quite happy with Sprint and my 1st Pre.
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    I am on my 5th pre. It has started to mess up. When I open the phone the screen will not turn on sometimes. It is getting more frequent now.
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    For all of you people who are on multiple Pre's...are you just cycling through refurbs? If I were you I would demand a brand new Pre from Sprint. If they won't give it to you, contact Palm and let them know the issues you are having. It sounds to me like Sprint is recycling a large batch of garbage phones.

    I've had many phones, and played around with many others. Almost all phones today are cheaply built and feel that way. The iPhone is probably one of the few exceptions, but see what happens when you crack that glass screen. My last phone, an 8330 Curve, doesn't feel like it's really built any better than my Pre+. My wife's 8530, however, feels cheaper than both phones and the new keyboard is crappy (flat keys with little space between - makes it easy to hit the wrong key and hard to know what key you are on without looking). It also has a tinny sound from the speaker and from conversations I have with the wife (her voice sounds a little like it's in a tin can - not really bad, but noticeable). My Pre+ has better sound quality than both of those Curves, and the sound quality coming in from a call on the Pre (I listened to a call on my home phone that my wife made on my Pre) is significantly better than the 8530, and a little better than the 8330.

    Maybe mine will suddenly break on me. I doubt it though. I think the majority (but certainly not all) of these repeat phone issues are from recycled refurbs. See if you can end the cycle with a new, un-refurbed Pre.
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