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    Quote Originally Posted by dsuycott View Post
    my wife is on her 6th and i'm on my 3rd. sprint is now refusing to replace the Pre's and has basically washed their hands of our problems with these the least i got them to agree to not charge us the cancellation fees when we leave, asap. we continue to get phones that crash when closing, keys are sticking when typing, half of the keyboard illumination goes out, touch screen failing, random crashes and rebooting when the phone is not even being used etc, etc. is anyone else have as huge of a problem with Sprints Pre's or the Verizon +?...
    The only problems i had was i wanted a newer one,so I sent it back... lol guess the pre's don't like you.
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    I'm on phone #5
    1st-stuck in headphone mode.
    2nd & 3rd-touchscreen stopped working
    4th-my fault, I sat on it and broke the screen.
    overall best buy has been ok with replacing them. A bit of a long time in some cases getting then back but I've always had a loaner for the meantime (last loaner I got a pixi. It was fun tellin the tech that I could transfer all my contacts/apps/settings without his help through my profile).
    I could totally see going through that many phones. It sounds like you are having some bad luck. I advise staying in your house and wrapping yourself in bubble-wrap until you get a quality pre.
    good luck with whatever direction you end up going.
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    I'm on my launch day Pre too. I've had no hardware problems.

    Really sorry to hear about your experience, and of course you'd be frustrated, but I'd try and stick with it. Go back to Sprint and tell them you want to sit there and go through the phones with them until you get one that works. It's to their advantage as well. They don't want you coming back either.

    And I really hope Palm has learned their lesson and the next phones are built much better. WebOS is obviously amazing. For someone to go through 6 phones means that something is bringing you back. But there is, of course, a limit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by previous View Post
    I am still running my launch day pre and have experienced no issues that a simple reboot couldn't fix.
    Same here. Launch day Sprint Pre with no probs a reboot or battery pull didn't fix.

    The Pre is clearly not a rugged phone. If you go through phones quickly or drop them often, try a Pixi.
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    Going on 11 months and still on my first Pre, love the phone.
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    Still on my 1st Pre for 9 months now and no problems.

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    I received my Sprint Pre at the beginning of July and so far i've had - the touchscreen stop working, the keyboard stop working, the power button almost to the point of not being able to push it anymore, the USB door seems like it's about to break, the battery dying even while charging, the battery randomly dying overnight. Currently, my phone is stuck in headset mode.

    At this point i'm just waiting for the Evo 4G to come out so I can upgrade.
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    I have had my Sprint Pre for 2 mos now. The screen is beginning to crack at the USB port. I am quite gentle with my phone. I love Palm. I have had a Palm product of one sort or another for 10 years. I went through 12 Centros during the 2.5 years, all due to hardware issues. I guess I am a true ****** as I intend to stick with them.
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    I've had my Pre for just a month; not my fav phone, but I LOVE web OS, and can live with the hardware for a year until my upgrade. I've had to reset it a couple of times when it froze up, by taking the battery out, but I use to have to do that about once a month with the Blackberry. I only run stock applications from from the application store, and Classic certified Palm OS programs, plus no other modifications. I am rough on it though, use it outside alot, it's been droped, but it works great!
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    9 months, original Pre, no problems.

    I'm really gentle with my tech toys but stuff happens. I've dropped mine a few times (once on a concrete garage floor, but it's held up very scratches. Hardware has been excellent for me.
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    OCT09, no replacement and I cant count how many times I've dropped it onto concrete. Still goin strong.
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    well im on my second going on 3rd but its my fault unfortunately. my 1st pre i got on black Friday and right b4 my 2nd month anniversary with it i toss a extension cord that with my bad luck of course landed on it and shattered the screen..... so i had to pay 50bucks WITH INSURANCE! (sprint) to get a refurbished pre..... that's when the problems started...... right off the bat when i have a fresh restart no matter where on the screen i touch, the top right system menu drops down.... my keyboard will randomly stop working.... color blotches on the bottom of the screen like a screen burn or something a ton of TMC errors but those were all tolerable until yesterday..... so i was playing nova (awesome game btw) and when i was done i flicked the card and pressed my power button..... no response.... i did it again, nothing! so i feel the button NOT clicking and realized ***** the power button screwed up! but whats weird is my GF's pre has the same button not clicking but it works mine does nothing so if i run out of batteries (we all now how easy that is) i'm screwed good thing i'm going 1st thing tomorrow morn to the sprint store. i love this phone so no one call me a hater! lol but its absurd to say it has no defects. 6 pres seems a little much but i've heard worse with the xbox 360 which i also love and went through 3. so anyways do you guys think i will get a replacement? hopefully brand new?
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    Still on my 1st, 10 months.
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    you people are animals. lol. what the hell do you do to your hardware?

    9 months with Pre and not a single issue.
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    Listen dude all of these people are backing their pre's including myself, I got my pre on launch day and guess what it still works, I drive an 18 wheeler all over the US and my pre has been with me every step of the way bouncing,shaking,falling and IT STILL WORKS!!! I find it hard to believe you have gotten 6 duds, and if that is the case and I were sprint I'd tell you to hit the road also.. These phones TRUCKER TOUGH!!!
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    I just got my third in under 6 months. Wife is on her second. My first one blown speaker. My most recent, blown speake and O key broken. My wife's, had Wifi broke. No issues with Sprint yet. We both keep ours in plastic cases.
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    With 3 lines (now 2) on the sprint family account...all Pre's...we've been through about 15 of them. Not really a case of being too hard on them, but more of a case of getting defective ones. Screen splotches, dead pixels, stuck pixels, too much oreo/gap, stuck kbs, stuck power button, one that wouldn't rotate screen holding in landscape, one had wifi not working, etc. But a few did develop problems over time such as cracks around the USB.

    What i'm thinking is my definition of a decent phone with no defects is different from another persons. Maybe a splotch on the screen is fine with you, but not with me. Something tells me if i looked at someone's launch day Pre on here that they're bragging about, then i'd find something wrong with it that would be unacceptable to me.

    I'm as gentle with my phones as anyone. I'm the kind of person that can't stand to see a smudge on the screen. My experience alone and from others i know tell me this hardware is crap though.

    I'm sure the response will be that i should be more forgiving and learn to live with some defects.
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    I did this with the Palm Centro - I decided my local techs had no idea of how to fix things that happened, easier to replace. Went to HTC, same thing.

    I think its the techs - can't fix, all they do is reboot.

    Yes, there are faulty ones out there, but many things can be fixed and rectificed by searching the problem here in these forums and following advice. You don't have to be computer savvy, just look, read, and apply. Self diagnosis has saved me, my phone, and time.

    That is the reason I love these forums!!!!!!!!!
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    My Pre has been fine except when I do some hack usually. Seems the more I hack mine the slower and clunkier it gets.

    I find it hard to imagine that one person can have so many bad ones unless they are doing something or being rough on it.
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