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    I haven't yet come across a thread about the phone call quality on Verizons Pre Plus. I just switched from T-mobile after almost 10years to Verizon for no other reason than to get a Pre Plus. I am paying more for my plan with Verizon and really had no reason to dislike T-mobile, as I have posted on here before, but I had to have the Pre and was getting tired of T-mo not carrying Palm.

    My wife and I both switched from a Palm Treo 680 and a Treo Pro and we both feel that our Pres are noisier with more background noise and the call quality is choppy. I don't know how else to describe it but I hear the calls broken up alot and they are fuzzy and not as clear. We both have at least 3 bars when we are talking either to each other on two Pres or to someone else either on a land line or a cell.

    So I don't know if this is the difference between GSM and CDMA call quality or if the Pre has an inferior quality radio to the Treos or what. Any help please? I want to find some answers before my 30 day trial with Verizon is up and I am stuck in a contract.
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    Interesting. I have a Verizon Pre and have been impressed with the call quality. I came from a BB Curve and I believe the Pre has better audio.
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    The other thing I have heard is from a friend that I work with who has gone through 4 Pres from Sprint for the same thing so I wonder if it is the phone or still possibly CDMA. I just wonder if I should try to switch them out for new ones or what.
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    I too switched to Verizon for the Pre deal. I also have noticed a reduction in call quality with Verizon over Sprint. One thing you may want to watch out for is if your wife's hair brushes over the microphone, it will really mess things up. My wife thinks the phones are too small and would rather have an iPhone or incredible. I need to make a decision soon as our 30 days are coming to an end.
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    It seems many times people talk about call quality between carriers in "all or nothing" terms. I think there are too many variables to do this. Call quality varies greatly in different marketplaces. I'm in the KC area. In this area I would rank VZW as having the best call quality, followed by Sprint and AT & T (tied for 2nd), with T-Mob in 3rd. Call quality for me on the Pre Plus is excellent. Several family members have the Pre on Sprint and there are noticeable problems when talking with them - from their end. In this area I can also tell a marked difference in call quality with my friends who use T-Mobile. VZW is superior to those 2 carriers in this area. I now have the Pre Plus after using the Centro and several Treo models over the past few years. In my experience the Pre Plus is the best telephone Palm has ever made. The call quality is better and the device far more reliable. I don't experience the dropped calls, the devices crashes, etc that I did with all of my past Palm devices.
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    I hear you. I am in the Dallas area and I have read many reports that Verizon is the best as far as call quality in this area. I can also say that the sales people in the Verizon store (who use droids) said that they haven't had any Pre's returned. And tech support said they haven't had any issues either. So, I called tech support and they had me do an update to the roaming towers in the area. I will see if that helps. They say it should take an hour or so to do the full update. I can tell how to do it if anyone else is interested.
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    *228 option 2 Right?
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    Interesting. I'm in the Tampa Bay area and the call quality on my phone is excellent. It's better than my 8330 Curve and significantly better than my wife's 8530 Curve. I would have to say it's more likely where you are. To be honest, my Pre has as good quality sound as my Panasonic DECT 6.0 phones.
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    I have found that the Pre picks up background noise much more than our old Moto flip phones.
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    Yes i did the *228 option 2. It has seemed to help a pretty good amount. It is still not quite as good as with T-mobile but I believe it is still getting better now that I am talking on my pre as I type this.

    As far as comparing it to the Curves, I feel like I have always heard that Palms had better radios than Blackberry phones. So, not to open up a new argument, but I am at the consensus that Palm is a step up on the phone quality.

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