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    Jesus Christ, FINALLY! An actual commercial for a product!

    2 things though:

    They should have shown a notification swipe away. If it would have been too busy showing that white ball doing it, they could have nixed the orb and just had it move away on its own only to demonstrate the screen resizing dynamically. It's something that sort of floors you the first time you see it.

    I would have also loved to have seen a game actually running, notification comes in at the bottom, then pause upswipe.

    Solid commercial.
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    only if they got it earlier
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    This feels like a techie-targeting ad to me. Music is boring, but does clearly states the functionality of webOS.

    Let's say you plug this ad into a primetime TV ad slot. Will this catch your attention? If you are already here on a Pre fan forum, then yes, your eyes would be glued to it because it's a Pre. But, let's say you are not a techie, here is an ad with boring music and nothing but facts, it doesn't standout. All it takes is a "head-on" ad after this to make people completely forget about it.

    A good Ad should not just carry the important message, but also catch people's eyes and make an impression. The creepy lady ads are only focused on making impression, which was "a creepy impression"

    Yet, this is perfectly nice siting on the AT&T website.
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    It's pretty good, they just needed to actually show the games running rather than showing pictures.
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    yea games running would of been cool
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