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    I have windows 7 and my pre won't go into usb mode. I've installed novacom but it says that I'm missing generic serial and reduced cdc abstract control model (R-ACM)
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    Sounds like you do not have a driver for something installed right... you may check to make sure all your chipset drivers are installed and also if your using an older computer you may not have all the proper chipset drivers look at some of my past posts about installing the Ethernet device that may help you also make sure you have the latest java and updates be sure to go in to optional updates and make sure there are no drivers there that need to be installed
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    put your phone in "just charge mode" and log in to WebOS quick install. under file menu (first drop down menu upper left) and click options. select usb mode over emulator and click restart/reinstall novacomd.

    when its done close that window and restart your phone. hold down the up volume control button while it restarts and you should get the giant usb icon window. (you can do the up vol button trick to force usb mode even if you don't have the webos qi app but in that case i'm not sure of any other way to reinstall the novacomd)

    when you get the usb screen you can try doing whatever you were going to do in that mode. remember that "just charge" is the mode for WEBOSQI though.

    hope this helps. i spent several months fighting all of the mojo apps and pre updates and a really ****** windows computer and learned a ton of stuff just doing trial and error. now i feel confident to learn web os dev and am studying the ares kit without java/html code (or any coding classes or experience) but i think the palm dev apps are so well made that we "non-pro-geeks" can figure it out sooner or later.

    looking forward to calling myself a web os dev diva
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    "mpt x"

    if you are having a problem with your usb not showing the option for usbmode/just charging, and your computer is trying to get you to install ethernet drivers and 2 other drivers:

    open terminal.
    type "mpt x" enter

    then it should disable whatever you messed up trying to install freetether/enable usb net/ usb passthrough.

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