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    Hey people, loving this forum, very helpful and friendly.

    I am in the UK and my upgrade is due this wednesday. I am wanting a Pre or Pre Plus but the Plus hasn't arrived in the UK yet. It was supposed to be this month but O2, my provider, just keep saying they don't have a date yet and dont know when they'll get one.

    SO my question is this:

    Should I get a Pre this week or keep waiting until the Pre Plus comes out (who knows when that could be, and my current phone is pretty battered and generally rubbish).

    I know the Pre Plus has twice the memory but have heard varying reports if it is actually much faster.

    Any opinions would be great.

    I generally use my phone to just browse the web when i'm at work and I send lots of texts. I only usually keep 20-30 songs on my phones and would like to have a couple of games.
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    Of course if you think the Plus iscoming soon, and you can afford to wait, the Plus is the better option. But, by the sounds of your usage, the non plus Pre will be fine. 20 or so songs, a few games, and a dozen apps should fit fine on the 8 GB pre. I have more junk than I need on mine and have 5 GB free. (no music just Ampache, no pictures, no video).
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    If the difference was vast then I would definatley wait but from what I've heard it isn't really.

    If they havent got a date for the Pre Plus by Wednesday I'll order a Pre and keep ringing them upto the 2 weeks cut off date of returning the Pre.
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    The big upside of the Plus isn't storage in my opinion, it's RAM (of which it has twice as much as the regular Pre). Even though you don't think now you'll make heavy use of webOS multitasking, I am willing to bet you pounds for euros that you WILL - you just wait and see. With the regular Pre, you can sometimes get "too many cards" errors, although I haven't seen one since updating to 1.4.1. Some extra RAM still will not hurt.

    But yeah, your way sounds pretty good just know that we will get the Plus this coming week here in Germany - and I see no reason why our O2 and yours should have releases too far apart.

    In fact -- how long after Germany did the UK get the normal Pre? I'd wager that the waiting period is probably the same this time around.
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    It seems the Pre was released in both Germany and the UK on 16th October, so it would work out great for me if it's released here this week aswell!

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