Hi everyone

Well, I am experiencing the typical touchscreen issue. But, it is just getting worse than before when it did stop sometimes. Now it stopped working. Why? Well, I have taken my time observing it and found that it has a polarity issue. I mean, when the keyboard is out, I can lock the screen with the power button; when itīs in, the time (top bar) changes to the date for less than a second (comes back the time instead) but does not lock.

And, usually, when I had the touchscreen issue, it was the same problem, but by sliding the keyboard twice it was fine. Now sliding the keyboard is just useless. I hope someone knows why or at least knows a solution other than taking it back to movistar 'cause it's impossible right now. I will keep searching and if I find a solution I'll share it with ya.

BTW, the airplane mode is ON. It went ON automatically. I'll just put JASON (thx) patch now.

Greetz from SpaiN.