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    Had a weird occurrence last night (actually the second time). Went to bed with 92% battery and woke up this morning not even able to turn my Pre on. Charged it and after 15 minutes it went up to 3%. How could the battery have drained so darned quickly?? Had the alarm set, but I do that occasionally and have never had that happen before. Anyone else have this problem?? My settings on the Pre had not changed - bluetooth was off, etc. Since the last update the battery had been doing much better - at least up to last night.
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    Any new software installation?......Like Teal Speed? or more....
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    I, too, would assume some low-quality software to have sucked your battery dry... apart from TealSpeed (which I personally think is atrocious, but to each their own) I've heard that some jogging apps are poorly coded in such a way that, once started, they will run GPS services in the background long after the app is closed.

    Failing that, it may be your battery's fault; I had something very similar happen to my old HTC Herald once - my battery had been absolutely fine until it died, just like that. If it happens again, or your battery seems to not hold its charge as well as it used to anymore, I'd advise you to see your carrier and talk about warranty replacement of the battery. Or you could buy an aftermarket battery: I have only had glowing experiences with my Mugen 1400.
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    do you have one of the kernals installed. i had some kernal problem where i one day randomly it would drain it like crazy and even if i put it on the charger it would still keep draining. i had to uninstall and reinstall.
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    I had this happen when my phone was stock, back in December. Never saw it again. It may be a fluke for you as well.
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    Hmmm, interesting ideas - thanks guys! Based upon Jason Black and GodShapedHole's advice I went and deleted a new app I had just installed - "Scratch." I had done a search for my documents on Google (unsuccessful I might add) just before going to bed. Let me watch and see if that does it.

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