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    Got a gsm pre from UK unlocked with a rebel sim, i am a t mobile user in the US and I cannot get pass the profile screen on phone. As you can see in the attached photos the phone recognizes that it's with t mobile but is also roaming for some odd reason. I believe this is why i can't activate a profile and i get asked to input the phone settings manually as you can see in the photos. I have no idea what the settings are.

    To add to more of the issues, the power button doesn't work and neither do the volume keys. I was going to run the webos doctor but my computer is not recognizing the phone either. The usb cable i am using is not an official palm pre cable so i don't know if that makes a difference or not but it does fit. Anyways lots of problems with this phone and it's not like i can walk into a sprint store here in the US and return it since their are no gsm pre's here yet. So i need to find some type of solution, any suggestion besides throwing this thing out the window?
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