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    So my volume up and down buttons don't work, sleep/wake button doesn't work my pc can't recognize the phone via usb cable. My pre is now stuck in the palm profile screen and i cannot pass this screen because the phone is on roaming.

    Is there anyway to return the phone back to factory settings with just the keyboard alone from the profile screen?
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    Their are no steps being explained in the link.
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    Oh my bad that was the old version I'll track down the updated version
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    Having trouble with links so I copied the steps

    1. Turn PRE off. Restart your pc.
    2. remove battery from Pre
    3. insert power cord in phone (but do NOT insert the other end into wall charger or computer.)
    3. Press the "volume-up"-key and hold it pressed
    4. Insert other end of usb-power-cable into wall-charger
    5. A questionmark should appear on the screen
    6. insert battery (while still holding "volume up")
    7. A USB-symbol should appear on screen
    8. now release "volume up"
    9. remove powercord from charger and plug it into pc. Load onto PC OSWeb Doctor WebOS Internals). You want Dr file (it must labelled webOSDoctor.jar) in same folder on PC as current WebOSQuickInstall.jar (version 3.02). You will use the latest web OS Dr (version 1.4) at a later step so keep this in a separate folder for the time being.
    10. Start webos doctor and follow instructions
    11. DO NOT REMOVE THE CABLE until installation is finished. Do not crash your computer, either! Before you start WebOSDr make sure Novaterm is working (reinstall via WOSQ)
    12. Log into Palm Profile on Pre
    13. Turn off backup app on Pre and sign in as dumby account. Note, by changing the e-mail account to a fake one, you can create a new profile during activation, see palm's "manage my device" page(, login, change the email information (removes completely all residue)
    14. On Pre go to Device Infoevice info">"Reset options">"Full erase">"Secure Full Erase". It's gonna take a few minutes to do this. You should consider plugging in the power adapter just to make sure.
    15. Upon profile creation/login, choose to create a new profile with the original mail adress. You should be allowed, because you changed the mail address earlier.
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    This is what i was looking except the fact that the volume up button on my phone doesn't work. All the outside buttons don't respond for some reason. The keyboard responds fine, but the power button and volume buttons don't respond.
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    Hmmm that's quite a pickle you're in
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    Just felt like lightening the mood a bit
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    Leave the battery out for a while and then try. This may help.
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    yes it is quite a pickel

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