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    So yesterday I noticed my volume button wasn't clicking when I tried to up the volume. It had always been spotty but now it just didn't click at all. I managed to pop off the volume button without any damage, and I found that this little orange flap had come off. Apparently this plastic has some conductive surface that presses the volume, I don't know. Point is, now it's off somehow. I tried to see if I could slide it back in or something, but that didn't work. Maybe it's supposed to be glued.

    I really don't know what to do at this point. I've had this thing (Sprint Pre) since October, so I'm not sure if replacement is an option.

    Anyone else ever had this issue?

    Also, I think while trying to slide it in, it got stuck between the sliding halves. Whoops!
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    Bump because nobody cares about my problems...
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    Gonna have to get used to it with palm pre hardware. Mine has the same problem but I can live with it since taking it to the store is a crap-shoot with the refurbished hardware.
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    At least patches allow me to control the volume on the software side, so yeah, it is workable. Annoying though...
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    I also have a problem with volume. It works down and never up.
    So I am stuck without volume in Video and Audio Player.
    If I will turn volume down during phone call, then I will be without
    volume during calls too.

    Please HELP!

    Is there any way to UP the volume? Thank you.

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