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    So I'm scrolling through my contact list, and I suddenly see a long, long list of the same #. I go a little further, and the same thing happens for another number... and another, and another... All together out of 316 contacts, I had 26 that had this repeating number problem. It was always the work fax number, and there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to which ones were like that. I sync with Google and Facebook only, Google is my primary. I do not sync with Palm Profile due to previous issues with duplicated contacts. None of the affected numbers have a facebook account,

    The repeats varied from 36 to 68 of the same number. It looked like when a certain number of phone numbers were reached, the Pre automatically created another contact with the rest of the repeating work fax numbers. I had to manually delete each repeated number since I didn't know any other way to do it...

    Anyone else having this issue??
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    Delete the Google Account from your phone, reboot, then add it back in. Sounds like the initial syncing went haywire.

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