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    Just a few questions I had and wanted to see if anyone knew the answers.

    Ever since my phone updated to 1.4.1, google search is not working anymore. I always get an error that what I'm searching for is not found. No matter the connection type, always get an error and no matter what I'm searching for. Any one else have this issue?

    Also does any know if there is a severe weather app? With the weather today I was thinking it would be a great app if there was a way for an alarm to go off on your phone if there was a tornado warning or something like. Any know if that is out there anywhere?
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    Try bing mobile search just to be sure.

    Have you done a restart lately? I'd try a battery pull. If that doesn't work it sounds like you didn't get a clean update. I'd doctor it if a battery pull restart doesn't help.
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    Bing works just fine, yahoo works just fine. Google is the only one that does not work.

    I have restarted a few times recently. I haven't pulled the battery yet, but just find it very odd that the google search does not work.
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    I haven't had the google search error.

    For severe weather, get AccuWeather - it is great! Put in your location, or more than one and that way you can switch between them. If there is severe weather, a red exclamation point pops up next to the location. You can tap it to see the alert. I've seen this the last couple days with tornado warnings and such.
    The downside, the radar doesn't work that great on that app, you can't zoom in, see it move, etc. So for looking at radar, I recommend the Weather Channel app.
    What I do is, I have them both, and only use the Weather Channel app for looking at radar. And both apps are free!
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